Early Birds




2018 EWGA Eastern Shore Chapter

Early Birds Golf League

at Ocean Resorts Golf Club

 Rosemary Brookhart (410-960-4610) brookhart37013@ comcast.net

Maureen Crespo (410-726-8832) circle5c@aol.com

Betty Young (410-641-6011) bettyyoung40@gmail.com


Welcome to the EWGA “Early Birds” Golf League. This is a fun league. Some golf experience, basic knowledge of rules and golf etiquette are desirable; however, beginners are welcome. No handicap is required, though we encourage our members to develop a handicap by posting their scores. A handicap can be established through the EWGA handicap system as part of your membership in the organization.

Golf will be held on Thursdays at Ocean Resorts Golf Club, 10655 Cathell Road, Berlin, MD

(Ph: 410-641-5643). Golf check-in is no later than 8:15 a.m. You should be there by 8:00 a.m. Golf will begin at 8:30 a.m. SHARP (Shotgun start). The cost is $24 per week for golf with cart.

Please Note: The schedule is as follows: Golf will start May 10. There will be no golf on July 5 and Aug 2. We will be offering a variety of game formats as well as regular golf. We hope to offer a prize for points for games. You must play 50% of the official season to be eligible for the prize (Official season is 11 weeks: June 7-Aug 30).

The weekly signup for this league uses the online program, Evite. When you register, we will need your phone number and your email address. All members will receive an Evite on Friday for the following Thursday morning golf. Our cutoff for responding to the Evite is Tuesday evening. If you have said “yes” on the Evite and will be UNABLE to golf on Thursday, please phone one of our Captains or the golf course by Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. The course will need 24 hours notice of your cancellation. If you fail to comply with this rule, you will be given a warning. After two warnings, you will no longer be allowed to play in the league.

Lunch will be offered each week through the Patio café. We encourage you to come in after golf for lunch or breakfast. It is a time for us to get to know each other. Please refer to your e-Newsletter and the EWGA website: www.ewgaeasternshore.com for all Chapter events and activities.

Captains’ Contact Information:

Rosemary Brookhart (410-960-4610) brookhart37013@comcast.net

Maureen Crespo (410-726-8832) circle5c@aol.com      

Betty Young (410-641-6011) bettyyoung40@gmail.com