River Run 9-Hole


2018 EWGA Eastern Shore Chapter

River Run Golf Club

MaryAnn O’Malley (443-614-6212)


Pam Primm (908-310-7409)


Welcome to the 2018 season!  This is the 8th season for our 9-hole River Run Golf League, which is located on Masters Lane, Berlin, MD. Bob Beckelman is the PGA Head Pro.  We will be golfing Monday afternoons from June 11 - August 27, 2018, commencing with a weekly shotgun off the front 9 starting at 4:30 p.m.  An optional light fare will be offered after the 9-hole round of golf at River Run’s Arnold Palmer Restaurant.

On our June 11 start date, please plan to arrive by 3:30 p.m. for a mandatory rules meeting with the Head Pro and photo shoot for the website and media.


The specific details for registration will be listed on our website, www.ewgaeasternshore.com, using the online program 123signup. There is no handicap requirement for this league. However, please be aware that this an intermediate league. You must have golf experience, a basic knowledge of rules and proper etiquette, and the ability to keep up appropriate pace of play. We highly encourage you to keep and maintain a handicap either through your own club system or through the EWGA system.

The signup for this league play each week uses the online program, Evite, so you must have access to a computer and have an email address.  All members will receive an Evite by Monday requiring your RSVP no later than 5:00 p.m. Friday evening for the next Monday golf event.  We will send player signups to River Run Pro Shop first thing Saturday morning. After Saturday morning, you must call the River Run Pro Shop directly (410-641-7200) to make any changes.  In the case of your cancellation, please call River Run as soon as possible so any adjustments to cart and hole assignments can be made.

Important General EWGA Information:

Please click into our EWGA chapter website at www.ewgaeasternshore.com for comprehensive information about our leagues and activities as well as read the E-newsletters you receive, which have important updated information you will want to know. There are many events available for you to participate, in addition to our golf leagues including the Nibbles and Knowledge, Pink Ball competition, Chapter Championship, Biggest Loser Challenge, Pink Ribbon tournament, weekly clinics, and monthly golf socials, just to name a few!!


If you have any questions, please email: Ewgagolf_9@yahoo.mail

MaryAnn O’Malley, EWGA 9-Hole Captain, and Email: momalley819@gmail.com

Pam Primm, EWGA 9-Hole Co-Captain, and Email: phprimm@gmail.com





  1. Our 9-hole kickoff is Monday, June 11 at 4:30 p.m. Please arrive at the course around 3:30 p.m. for orientation. Tipping is normally $1-$2.
  2. At the Pro Shop, pay by credit card or cash. It is $22 to play each week. Pick up your nametag in the Pro Shop.
  3. Someone will also be on hand to let you know what cart you have been assigned. Your foursome will be randomly selected by River Run’s computer system each week. Around 4:00 p.m. a group picture will be taken of our 9-Hole League. This will be in our Chapter website and will also be sent to the local newspapers.
  4. By 4:10 p.m. you should be in your cart to hear greetings from your Co-Captains followed by comments from our Head Pro Bob Beckelman who will also discuss golf rules and etiquette. Promptly at 4:30 p.m. we will drive our carts to our assigned holes for a “Shot-Gun Start.”
  5. At the end of play, everyone is to sign the scorecard for your foursome. Your weekly-designated captain within your foursome should give the scorecard to the staff member in the Pro Shop. If no one is there, give card to Manager in the restaurant. Please write down and save your score so that you can record it in EWGA’s handicap online system or your home golf course where you are a member
  6. It is important that your weekly golf score is recorded in a recognizable handicap system so that your handicap is current and accurate. GOLF INFORMATION:
  • We record a maximum of 5 over par on any hole. Therefore, par 3 is an 8; par 4 is a 9; par 5 is a 10. On the scorecard, if strokes are beyond the maximum, pick up the ball and place a circle around the number on the card. This golf hole cannot be added into the handicap system.
  • Don’t forget to record your scores from this past winter in either the EWGA handicap system or your home golf course so that your handicap is accurate if you played in a location in an open season.
  • We are continuing the weekly rotational position within each foursome called Captain whose responsibility is to make the final decision if there is a question with the USGA rules and play. The Captain for your foursome will also return the scorecard to the Pro Shop. Each week, someone within your foursome will be the designated Captain agreed upon by your foursome. This position will rotate each week so that everyone has the opportunity to be a Captain. If you do not have the USGA Rules of Golf 2012-2015, the USGA rules may also be found online at: http://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/CompleteROGbook.pdf (It is 215 pages).REMINDERS FOR THE SEASON:
  • Signup by Friday evening no later than 9 p.m., using Evite for Monday’s golf event. Any changes after that time will need to be done by contacting River Run directly. If in doubt, sign up and then cancel Sunday or Monday morning by 9 a.m. for Monday’s 4:30 p.m. shot gun.
  • Pam Primm, Co-captain, is in charge of Light Fare and will be notifying you separately on the Light Fare options for the week.
  • We will begin the Light Fare on June 11. There will be a message block on the Evite to respond to Light Fare. The Light Fare responses will be used as an estimate for the restaurant in food preparation as last season. On the day of play, however, members will verify Light Fare. Any questions, call Pam Primm.
  • On scorecard, if strokes are beyond maximum, pick up the ball and place a circle around the number on the scorecard. Sign and attest card after each week’s golf. Write down your score so that it can be recorded when you are home.
  • Golf partners are computer generated. If you have been randomly assigned to the same person more than twice within the season, notify your captain so that the partners can be manually adjusted. The goal is to play with a variety of members throughout the season.RSVP EVITE PROCEDURE:
  1. We will again be using the program Evite to RSVP for golf and Light Fare. The Evite invitation will be sent to your email address. Details are below.
    1. Open Evite email. Click into VIEW THIS INVITATION. This will take you into another link within Evite. (Skip any personal questions if you have never used Evite).
    2. Click either “Yes” or “No” at the top of the invitation to respond to golf.
    3. Once you respond “Yes” or “No” for golf, a section called Add a comment will pop up.
    4. Type Yes for light fare if staying for Light Fare.
    5. Make sure you click the REPLY button so that your response is recorded.
  1. If you have difficulties, email MaryAnn at Ewgagolf_9@yahoo.com. Do not delete the EVITE email that week in case you decide to change your RSVP before Friday evening. No changes/additions can be made after that time through the Evite.
  2. When signing up for our June 11th Kickoff through Evite, respond no later than Friday evening, June 8. We are continuing with the policy that no additions will be permitted after Friday evening at 5 p.m. via the Evite
  3. If you need to cancel for some reason, you must call River Run directly on Sunday but no later than the Monday morning of golf by 9 a.m. River Run’s phone number is: 410-641-7200. The chapter has instituted a policy that a player no shows more than twice then a member will be dismissed from the league.The system is simple. Respond to Evite no later than Friday at 5 p.m. No additions will be permitted after the signup via Evite. River Run staff will gladly make any additional changes if contacted directly. If you need to cancel golf, you MUST CONTACT RIVER RUN directly on Sunday but no later than Monday morning by 9 a.m. that you are not golfing. Evite invitation will be removed from system by your Captain so that members will be unable to make changes after the 5 p.m. Friday deadline. Do not call or email the captain to cancel. The responsibility is on the golf member to call River Run Pro Shop (410-641-7200) and cancel. The chapter has instituted a policy that if this occurs more than twice then a member will be dismissed from the league.In case of light rain, we will be golfing. If you are a fair-weather player, then look at the forecast and make a decision for Monday’s golf by Monday morning before 9 a.m. if you plan to cancel. If there is lightning and a heavy downpour, golf will be cancelled by the golf course. You will be notified by e-mail through the captain. If in doubt, call River Run.ARRIVAL TIME:*DATES OF PLAY:July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30  *In the event of a cancellation due to rain, an alternative rain date will be announced.AWARDS:Low Gross~~        
  6. Total: 12 official golf dates at River Run.
  7. August 6, 13, 20, 27
  8. June 11, 18, 25
  9. Arrive 3:30 p.m. for the 4:30 p.m. shotgun. Please always plan to arrive early so that we can have a 4:30 p.m. "On-Time" shotgun start! Arriving early will give you time to warm up at the driving range, practice your putting, talk to friends, shop in the Pro Shop, and be more engaged for the game of golf.
  11. RAIN:
  • In order to be eligible for the end-of-year awards for low gross, you must have golfed 50% of the scheduled dates
  • Low Net~~
  • For low net awards, you must have golfed 50% of the scheduled dates, including 3 out of 4 dates in August. Handicap Calculation used for Low Net~
  • Each season every EWGA River Run 9-hole member’s handicap is recalculated during the months of June and July. This handicap is used in determining low net awards based on August gross scores.
  • Notation~
  • Your River Run golf scores are for our 9-hole league only and must be recorded by you in a recognizable and verifiable handicap system, such as EWGA or your home course system, even though the scores are setup in an Excel spreadsheet, checked by River Run and your captain and co-captain to verify the integrity of the scoring and handicap system. This Excel spreadsheet is used for our awards at the end of the season for low gross and low net only. The official, recognizable handicap through EWGA or your home course is based on the slope and rating of each golf course played. More information can be researched through USGA’s website: http://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/CompleteROGbook.pdf       Our Eastern Shore chapter offers many events beside the Spring, Summer, and Fall leagues. Please be sure to read the E-newsletter and visit the website, www.ewgaeasternshore.com for details-- Socials, Clinics, Biggest Loser, Rules Seminar, Chapter Championship, establishing a handicap, Match play, Weekly Clinics, and Pink Ball and Pink Ribbon events. GUESTS AND GUEST PASSES: EWGA offers a variety of clinics each week. Please visit the website to find dates and locations of these clinics.MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  
  • End-of-Season Celebration is included in the $35 league signup fee. This year’s banquet is Thursday, September 6th at Seacret’s. 
  • Each player can bring guests (with approval from Captain). The same guest may not play more than 2 times during the season.