Salisbury 9-Hole




2018 EWGA Eastern Shore Chapter

Nutters Crossing Salisbury League


Judy Rimbach at:

Ph: 410-430-2265



This is a fun league. Cost to play is $15/pp per week. Some golf experience, basic knowledge of rules and golf etiquette are desirable; however, beginners are welcome. No handicap is required, although we encourage our members to post their scores. A handicap can be established through the EWGA handicap system as part of your membership in the organization. To add variety, we play a different game format each week. Depending on the game played that day, either individuals or teams earn points if placing or winning the game. One award will be given at the end of the season for the most improved player. In order to be considered for an award, a player must play a minimum of 6 games. In regards to scoring, we pick up when double par is reached before completing the hole, and that is the maximum score that can be put on the scorecard. This is to keep pace of play.


The sign-up for this league uses the online 123Signup program on the EWGA Eastern Shore’s website. As Captain, I will be in touch with you every week through Evite email. You will need to respond to the Evite by Sunday night to let me know if you will be playing that Monday afternoon. If you must cancel on Monday, you must notify the Nutters Pro Shop by calling 410-860-4653. Before Monday, just cancel on the 123Sign-up website. Please abide by these rules for cancellation. Two warnings will be given, and on the 3rd occurrence, a member will be removed from the league. In case of RAIN, we will be golfing. If you are a “fair weather golfer,” check the forecast and make a decision. If there is heavy rain or lightning, golf will be cancelled. Also, you are allowed to bring a guest two times during the season.


If you have any questions at all, please call or email Judy at:, 410-430-2265.


Some important things to remember –

~ Please read the EWGA Eastern Shore E-Newsletter and webpage         (

~ Some planned events are: Nibbles and Knowledge (rules), Pink Ball Game, Chapter Championship, Biggest Loser Challenge, and Monthly Match Play – look for details on the website.

~ There are lots of clinics as well to help you improve your game – details on website.


Hope you can join us!